“Ward 4 has not been in use for some time, not since the death of prisoner #54903 (see file: Dumbledore, P.), and has fallen into some disrepair. The ward is of primitive construction, with poor warding, in fact with almost no magical infrastructure whatsoever. Although it was constructed a scant hundred years ago, its builders appear not to have caught up with even the most rudimentary Muggle attempts to light and ventilate.

“However, the high volume of the recently condemned demands that we reopen the ward. With nine convictions in the past three days alone (see files: Black, S.O.; Crouch, B. C. Jr.; Dolohov, A.N.; Lestrange, B.B.; Lestrange, R.D.; Lestrange, R.G.; Mulciber, D.J.; Nott, P.P.; Rookwood, A.P.) and countless more throughout the month (see Decree on Suspected Death Eaters & Suspicious Dark Creatures, filed with Umbridge, D.), we cannot afford to let Ward 4 sit empty. Although some have raised humanitarian concerns about conditions within, more hunger for justice, would be glad to see the Ministry take decisive action, and care little for providing such monsters with creature comforts (see October’s MLE Report by Crouch, B.C. Sr.).”

- Internal Memorandum to the Minister on the conditions in Azkaban fortress, November 1981

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